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Over 30 years in the fitness industry for service and since 2015 supplier of the German brand ERGO FIT.
You can contact us for maintenance of all brands of fitness equipment, purchase of equipment with trade opportunities and occasions.
Besides new devices of the brand ERGO LINE we also have a wide range of reconditioned equipment trade.

Please contact us for more information: +31 637 159 950

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We are the exclusive supplier for the Netherlands from the German brand ERGO-FIT.
ERGO-FIT offers a wide range of products such as Cardio Line, a power line and a Torso Line.

Besides new devices of the brand ARGO LINE we also have a wide range of reconditioned equipment trade.

German quality fitness equipment that are also beautiful look!

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We can all brands fitness equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul.
This can be either a single command with service contract. With a service contract we take all precautions to keep track of your valuable equipment from hands.

You pay a flat fee and the cost of necessary replacement parts. Of course we only something in consultation with you replaced.

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If you need replacement or expansion and need a cheap alternative?
We can supply you new equipment but also have occasions. Namely trade is also possible with us when purchasing new equipment.
The trade devices are completely overhauled and can last for years again.
Take a look at our selection occasion!