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Together with the back muscles the abdomen forms the muscular corset of the body. They stabilize and release the spine when lifting, standing, sitting, and have an essential influence on the posture and position of the pelvis. Therefore, for reasons of health and aesthetics training of the abdomen which is often weaker than the back muscles is of utmost importance.

To train the abdomen ERGO-FIT offers the following products

Power Line Abdominal muscles


ERGO-FIT POWER LINE ABDOMINAL FLEXION 4000 strengthens the abdomen by bending the upper body in a seated position. Postural weakness as well as signs of wear of the spine can be ...

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ERGO-FIT POWER LINE ABDOMINAL TORSION 4000 strengthens the side part of the abdomen by turning of the upper body (rotation) and simultaneous fixation of the lower body. ...

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