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The back muscles play a central role with regard to the stabilisation and mobility of the spine throughout our daily lives and when taking exercise and building up the posture of the body. They care for the erection of the spine and guarantee an upright posture. Especially the lower back muscles have the important function to stabilise the pelvis and the spine.

To train the back muscles ERGO-FIT offers the following products.

Power Line Back muscles


ERGO-FIT POWER LINE BACK EXTENSION 4000 ensures stabilisation of the back muscles by erection of the upper body. Postural deformities as well as wear of the spine can be prevented by regular...

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ERGO-FIT POWER LINE BACK PULL simulates rowing and so strengthens the muscles between both shoulder blades. BACK PULL Specifications Muscles worked Mm. latissimus dors...

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ERGO-FIT POWER LINE BUTTERFLY REVERSE 4000 strengthens the muscles which are stabilising the cervical and thoracic spine by spreading the arms sideways in the height of the shoul...

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ERGO-FIT POWER LINE LAT PULL 4000 strengthens the wide back muscles by pulling the handle bars downward. LAT PULL Specifications ...

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